Animation Courses And Multimedia, Webdesigning Courses MAAC Preet Vihar Delhi


Dgwa covers a wider genre; from illustrating children's books to design a layout for tabloids, book covers, motion graphics, ui design, creative posters, traditional animation and corporate brand designs.

It prepares you to join the ever-expanding world of print and visual media by providing you a detailed insight on graphic, web design and 2d animation.

Course duration: 12 months

Sem 1: certificate in graphic & print design

  • Fundamentals of design & drawing
  • Concepts of graphic & illustration
  • Graphic design
  • Image editing
  • Page layout design

Sem 2: certificate in web & interactive design

  • Concepts of web design
  • Web page designing
  • Interactive presentation
  • Video editing
  • Sound editing

Sem 3: certificate in 2d animation

  • Fundamentals of design and basics of 2d animation
  • The art of digital storyboarding
  • Digital 2d animation

Software covers: sem-1

Corel draw, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop,adobe indesign

Software covers: sem-2

Html / javascript, adobe dreamweaver, adobe flash,adobe premiere,adobe audition

Software covers: sem-3

Storyboard pro, adobe flash, toonboom harmony

Career Opportunities

Graphic designer, packaging designer, advertising art director, web/interactive designer, user interface (ui) designer, illustrator, dtp operator, layout artist, developer for interactive e-learning, digital storyboard artist,2d animator